From the humble beginnings of small town Godley, Texas, Austin Upchurch has been hungry to chase down a dream he didn't think was possible until he taught himself how to play guitar in his dorm room in college. After finishing school at Howard Payne University, he proceeded to chase after his own pursuit of happiness. With his initial release of a backsided single titled All Wrong, Upchurch was able to get his dream out for people to sample for the first time. He released his music on Spotify, Amazon Music, and ITunes in 2017. In 2019, Upchurch released two more backsided singles titled "Remember When" and "a hundred thoughts". Artists that influenced his style and approach to writing songs include  Jackson Browne, Jason Isbell, Cody Canada, Tom Petty, and more.  Upchurch is currently working on a full-length record expected to release in 2020.